Papercuts remixed - the bug list

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Wed Jul 18 20:37:46 UTC 2012

On 16/07/2012 05:40 PM, Wayne Mery (d531) wrote:
> For reasons stated at 
> I perhaps have more questions than answers.
> What's stated at is 
> fantastic in a limited context - "To prove that Thunderbird's 
> development is not going to die, several people have committed 
> themselves to fixing five papercuts in a single year. This page is for 
> tracking the status of these papercut fixes.".
> I applaud the effort but I suggest we need to go further.
> I've posted my thoughts on papercuts in the etherpad at 

I agree the papercut initiative needs to be more clearly forumulated. 
That etherpad page seems like a good start! E.g. architectural 
improvements don't really seem like papercuts imo (though they are 
important for sure). "Fix easy little things that are making Thunderbird 
worse to use" is indeed what it's all about (though easy/small may or 
may not mean it's easy to fix.


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