Proposal to make gloda fulltext tokenizer treat '_' as punctuation without schema bump

Wayne Mery vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Jul 17 18:25:36 UTC 2012

Quoting Andrew Sutherland <asutherland at>:

> On 07/17/2012 03:23 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> Are there any other schema-breaking changes on the horizon which you
>> could roll in to the same update? I'd say this one is worth waiting up
>> to 6 months for if we can eliminate a second change later.
> Oops, forgot to cover this aspect.  Unless a new contributor shows  
> up, no, there are no schema-breaking changes on the horizon.  If  
> there were, the path would be more clear.

Yesterday I had a look at the list of potential schema breaking bugs  
[1].  Of these, what users could most benefit from IMO is Bug 681754 -  
gloda fts3 tokenizer would greatly benefit from stopword support.  It  
would be cool if we could get this in time for ESR 17.  But no takers  
so far.  I suspect asuth might mentor :)

[1] superset of schema breaking bugs:;list_id=3729435;short_desc=gloda%20global;field0-0-0=short_desc;type0-0-1=substring;field0-0-1=keywords;type1-0-1=allwordssubstr;resolution=---;classification=Client%20Software;classification=Components;status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr;query_format=advanced;status_whiteboard=key;short_desc_type=anywordssubstr;type0-0-0=anywordssubstr;component=Database;component=Search;field1-0-0=short_desc;product=MailNews%20Core;product=Thunderbird;field1-0-1=short_desc

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