Change of release and governance model for Thunderbird

Joshua Cranmer pidgeot18 at
Tue Jul 17 13:48:37 UTC 2012

On 7/17/2012 9:27 AM, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 17-07-12 6:09 , Archaeopteryx wrote:
>> Furthermore, it would helpful to know when contracts for currently 
>> paid-only features like new mail addresses and attachment services 
>> end so free implementations like (S)FTP can land.
> For the SFTP case, I think I can say that we'll be happy to land it 
> just as soon as someone writes the code. To the best of my knowledge, 
> that one in particular is totally not dependent on any contracts we 
> may or may not have signed. (Also, I suspect we'ld happily take a 
> patch for WebDAV which I think is what Microsoft's SharePoint stuff 
> uses.)

The sticking point for the SFTP case (AIUI) was the fact that there are 
no license-compatible libraries for SFTP that we could pull into 
Thunderbird. Combined with the fact that SSH falls into the category of 
"security-sensitive stuff, reimplement at your own risk," this makes a 
usable SFTP backend very difficult to obtain.

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