Change of release and governance model for Thunderbird

Blake Winton bwinton at
Tue Jul 17 13:27:28 UTC 2012

On 17-07-12 6:09 , Archaeopteryx wrote:
>> On 7/10/2012 1:50 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> So what can we do to gel a viable community around Thunderbird?
>> rkent
> Getting new contributors, not only now, is key, else the project is 
> dead as always some people will leave for various reasons. So 
> Thunderbird needs a central, easy to find 'Get Involved' page which 
> ideally is also linked in signatures of existing contributors in the 
> usual communication channels (newsgroups, forums).
> To help existing and new contributors, these points are in my humble 
> opinion necessary:
So, while the things you listed would be good to help existing 
contributors, they don't really address how we would get new 
contributors… Do you (actually, do any of you) have any ideas on where 
we can find people who might want to contribute to Thunderbird?
> Furthermore, it would helpful to know when contracts for currently 
> paid-only features like new mail addresses and attachment services end 
> so free implementations like (S)FTP can land.
For the SFTP case, I think I can say that we'll be happy to land it just 
as soon as someone writes the code. To the best of my knowledge, that 
one in particular is totally not dependent on any contracts we may or 
may not have signed. (Also, I suspect we'ld happily take a patch for 
WebDAV which I think is what Microsoft's SharePoint stuff uses.)


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