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Wayne Mery (d531) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Mon Jul 16 14:34:31 UTC 2012

On 7/14/2012 12:53 AM, JoeS wrote:
> On 7/13/2012 6:57, Wayne Mery (d531) wrote:
>> On 7/13/2012 1:48 AM, Kent James wrote:
>>> On 7/12/2012 3:34 PM, Axel wrote:
>>>> (I wasn't quite sure of what constitutes a papercut, but if it is
>>>> sharp enough to cut me then I would probably think my own bugs are
>>>> papercuts as well)
>>> The definition of "papercut" is perfectly left vague, because part of
>>> the intent is to see what is bugging people that they think needs work.
>>> If we restrict the definition too much, then we put too much of our own
>>> bias in the process.
>>> But with that caveat, what I think that we are looking for are flaws
>>> (not major enhancements) that have existed for more than a couple of
>>> release cycles, that you think should have some developer attention.
>>> Whether you use bugzilla searches or your own experience is up to you.
>>> What do you think needs work?
>>> I will be writing a blog about this in the next day or so BTW.
>>> rkent
>> I can't point out all the issues in a couple minutes. But for starters,
>> people who don't know wiki or bugzilla (or won't be able learn) aren't
>> going to know what to do.
> Wiki editing really sux.
> I myself blew away the edit links trying to add a bug there.
>> Secondly, you've limited yourself to the universe of issues reported in
>> bugzilla.
> That's why it's important to spread the word everywhere.

My point is not about spreading the word specifically, but about the 
fact that the current papercut process is wikicentric and 
bugzillacentric. So I think the scope, definition and process of 
papercuts could benifit from revision before wide publicity occurs.

Part of my concern is we want to be able to deliver as much good as 
possbile, because we have limited developer resources and want to 
minimize the management effort. So
a) I don't think we need a huge list of issues that is mostly a 
regurgitation of the buzilla database, nor do we need a list of every 
single issue that one person can think of.
b) who is managing the 200-400 or more nominations?  Consider the counts 
wanted-thuderbird3 flags -- 500 for "+" [1] (195 still open), 164 for 
"?" [2], 92 for "-" [3].

Also, it has been stated that there will be voting (which I am in favor 
of).  How then does one for vote for nominations that straggle in.

>> Third, there's little value to a notation where someone votes for their
>> own bug.
>> Fourth, it's trivally easy for someone to nominate a problem that bugs
>> them. But how about encouraging people to nominate a item that does
>> *not* affect them but that they know affects many other people?
> Nobody is perfect..My bugs are always the important ones :)

Permit me to restate to give my suggestion more flavor ...
IF this is a community, THEN perhaps we want to think and act more like 
a community.

(And not everyone has great personal needs. I have only 2-3 issues that 
really bug me daily. So I'll champion issues I know affect others.)

>> Fifth, the wiki starts with "issues which aren't complicated". I suggest
>> most people won't have a clue of whether an issue is complicated to fix
>> or not.
>> Can we take a step back please and take a breath?
> I don't agree.
> Do something, even if it's wrong.

You really want the public to see the community demonstrating flawed 

> Not saying this initiative has that flavor, but I think some kind of
> reassurance is necessary for the community to rally around.
> That means do it now, not later, and publicize it everywhere we can.

It's summer, so not everyone can particpate in tb-planning at break neck 
speed.  Plus, personal and work lives generally take priority.

[1] wanted-thunderbird3+ -;list_id=3725718;;type1-0-1=allwordssubstr;classification=Client%20Software;classification=Components;query_format=advanced;type0-0-0=equals;value0-0-0=wanted-thunderbird3%2B%20;field1-0-0=short_desc;product=MailNews%20Core;product=Thunderbird;field1-0-1=short_desc

[2] wanted-thunderbird3? -;list_id=3725733;;type1-0-1=allwordssubstr;classification=Client%20Software;classification=Components;query_format=advanced;type0-0-0=equals;value0-0-0=wanted-thunderbird3%3F;field1-0-0=short_desc;product=MailNews%20Core;product=Thunderbird;field1-0-1=short_desc

[3] wanted-thunderbird- -;list_id=3725757;;type1-0-1=allwordssubstr;resolution=---;classification=Client%20Software;classification=Components;query_format=advanced;type0-0-0=equals;value0-0-0=wanted-thunderbird3-;field1-0-0=short_desc;product=MailNews%20Core;product=Thunderbird;field1-0-1=short_desc

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