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Sun Jul 15 18:46:37 UTC 2012

Were the Seamonkey guys contacted (or are on this list) about the ongoing movement? I think some of them are active in the mail component and they would be able to help in shared /mailnews code.

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> Dátum: 14.07.2012 15:19
> Predmet: Re: Meta tracker for our discussion
>It seems I made a mistake in the URL (sending to the edit form). Please 
>Sorry and I look forward to your contributions
>On 13/07/12 22:45, Jb Piacentino wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think we need to start putting building some reference to our 
>> conversations and also make sure we cover all the needed topics.
>> To that extent, I have created a Details section in the Change of 
>> Release and Model 
>> <> 
>> Wiki page to try and track discussion results in a single place.
>> First, I have tried to build a list of the top topics we need get 
>> documented. Please shout if I have missed an important topic.
>> Second, I am proposing that for each topic, we use an etherpad to drop 
>> questions and propositions, up to the point where we can summarize and 
>> complement the corresponding Wiki section. Everyone of us is welcome 
>> to actively participate to each etherpad. Ideally, we could have one 
>> 'Reporter' for the section willing to monitor and summarize the topic 
>> discussion.
>> I don't want to steel the show from of tb-planning: ideas, progress 
>> and lively conversations should of course continue on this media, but 
>> I hope the proposed format will help us building some reference 
>> documentation in the coming weeks.
>> I hope this will be practical - if not, well... trash it :)
>> Thanks,
>> Jb
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