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Fri Jul 13 20:45:22 UTC 2012


I think we need to start putting building some reference to our 
conversations and also make sure we cover all the needed topics.
To that extent, I have created a Details section in the Change of 
Release and Model 
Wiki page to try and track discussion results in a single place.

First, I have tried to build a list of the top topics we need get 
documented. Please shout if I have missed an important topic.

Second, I am proposing that for each topic, we use an etherpad to drop 
questions and propositions, up to the point where we can summarize and 
complement the corresponding Wiki section. Everyone of us is welcome to 
actively participate to each etherpad. Ideally, we could have one 
'Reporter' for the section willing to monitor and summarize the topic 

I don't want to steel the show from of tb-planning: ideas, progress and 
lively conversations should of course continue on this media, but I hope 
the proposed format will help us building some reference documentation 
in the coming weeks.

I hope this will be practical - if not, well... trash it :)



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