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Fri Jul 13 16:34:39 UTC 2012

On 7/13/2012 8:04 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> I agree, and would add that Mozilla really, really should make a very 
> public and very prominent (on their website) follow-up announcement, 
> explaining what happened, how it happened, and explaining in a very 
> public way that Thunderbird is *not* being declare dead, etc - that 
> would go a long way to repairing the damage that was done....
There were followup posts from Ludo, MConley, and an interview with JB. 
Unfortunately clarifications are not effective news, so get missed. 
Mozilla has made their statement, now the community needs to come forward.
> It is one thing to hear things from you guys here on the lists - it is 
> an entirely different story, however, when you go to
> The fact is, right now, going to either or, 
> there is no mention, whatsoever, *anywhere*, of this debacle.
> In fact, since I kind of just assumed that there was, I'm even more 
> perplexed... looking at either website, you'd be hard pressed to find 
> any indication whatsoever that 'mozilla' is anything other than 
> Firefox, and I could find absolutely *no* mention whatsoever of the 
> Thunderbird announcement or anything else about it.
> What is up with that Mozilla?? 
Mozilla is all about "the web". Have you been to any of the Mozilla 
conferences? It's very clear there. The only client application that 
makes sense to them is the web browser (though that may be changing with 
B2G). They just cannot grok a standalone communication client like 

Fine, I love them anyway. But personally I believe that for the 
foreseeable future, there is going to be a very large number of people 
who spend a lot of their day staring at a standalone communications 
client trying to get their work done. I'm a small businessman by nature, 
not trying to change the world through the web, so an application with a 
niche market is enough for me. But that is not how Mozilla views the 
world, and we really need to stop asking them to change, and just accept 
them for who they are and be thankful for whatever support they give us.


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