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Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Fri Jul 13 15:20:36 UTC 2012

Hi Jonathan,

People like you will be extremely valuable if Thunderbird is to survive 
this event with any sense of dignity and respect, and I for one welcome 
your willingness to help out.

I think the best thing we (as a community) can do, after reading Jb's 
and other comments, is take a few breaths, and focus more on preparing a 
framework for moving forward, rather than just diving in before making 
sure the pool is filled with water.

Organizing bugs (via the papercuts wiki page) is a good start, creating 
master bugs of what would be large undertakings (like the Composer 
rewrite, which maybe you could take on), and breaking it down into sub 
bugs to make it easier to manage and for others to help out with, etc

As for some kind of payment/bounty system - heck, Mozilla Addons now has 
a way for devs to be paid, why not simply let developers register, then 
when a bug is fixed and accepted into the core code, their contribution 
is added to a 'Developers' page (each registered dev would have one, 
just like Addon devs have theirs), with a 'Payment' button that points 
to their preferred payment gateway/method (paypal or whatever)...

Incidentally - I've never tried out your Compose extension, but will be 
doing so today... thanks!!

On 2012-07-13 10:38 AM, Jonathan Protzenko 
<jonathan.protzenko at> wrote:
> Hi,
> (I'm the author of the compose extension, as well as several other ones.)
> I would like to point out that some things that people are nominating
> for paper cuts are actually pretty hard-to-fix items. I spent a very
> significant chunk of my time working on the compose addon, and to be
> honest, I think being as very familiar as I am with the Thunderbird
> source code, it would take me a full six months to properly fix this,
> get reviews, and land it. Without counting the thousands of hours I've
> spent learning the internals of Thunderbird...
> So as tempting as it is, I think it's beyond the scope of a papercut. I
> don't know if other people have mentioned the usual pet peeves (address
> book, multi-row message list à la outlook, composition fixes) but I
> would consider these to be very hard-to-fix bugs too.
> That being said, I would be more than happy to mentor a motivated
> contributor who does want to fix composition-related issues. However,
> such a drastic change requires coordination. Many significant changes
> (e.g. Thunderbird Conversations) never made it into the final product,
> so we should be considerate when throwing energy into fixing a bug that
> has little chances of being accepted in the end.
> Cheers,
> jonathan

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