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Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Fri Jul 13 15:04:37 UTC 2012

On 2012-07-13 9:19 AM, Kent James <kent at> wrote:
> Right now, we are partly battling time. The Thunderbird brand was
> enormously damaged by the announcement of last Friday (dare I say
> botched announcement?) that has been interpreted much more negatively
> than I think was intended. Now we have a small window of time where
> people are watching Thunderbird a little more closely than usual. It is
> really critical that a positive statement is given in that window of
> time, and that statement needs to show hope that there actually is a
> community effort that will back up Thunderbird.

I agree, and would add that Mozilla really, really should make a very 
public and very prominent (on their website) follow-up announcement, 
explaining what happened, how it happened, and explaining in a very 
public way that Thunderbird is *not* being declare dead, etc - that 
would go a long way to repairing the damage that was done....

It is one thing to hear things from you guys here on the lists - it is 
an entirely different story, however, when you go to

The fact is, right now, going to either or, 
there is no mention, whatsoever, *anywhere*, of this debacle.

In fact, since I kind of just assumed that there was, I'm even more 
perplexed... looking at either website, you'd be hard pressed to find 
any indication whatsoever that 'mozilla' is anything other than Firefox, 
and I could find absolutely *no* mention whatsoever of the Thunderbird 
announcement or anything else about it.

What is up with that Mozilla??

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