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Fri Jul 13 14:38:49 UTC 2012


(I'm the author of the compose extension, as well as several other 

I would like to point out that some things that people are nominating 
for paper cuts are actually pretty hard-to-fix items. I spent a very 
significant chunk of my time working on the compose addon, and to be 
honest, I think being as very familiar as I am with the Thunderbird 
source code, it would take me a full six months to properly fix this, 
get reviews, and land it. Without counting the thousands of hours I've 
spent learning the internals of Thunderbird...

So as tempting as it is, I think it's beyond the scope of a papercut. I 
don't know if other people have mentioned the usual pet peeves (address 
book, multi-row message list à la outlook, composition fixes) but I 
would consider these to be very hard-to-fix bugs too.

That being said, I would be more than happy to mentor a motivated 
contributor who does want to fix composition-related issues. However, 
such a drastic change requires coordination. Many significant changes 
(e.g. Thunderbird Conversations) never made it into the final product, 
so we should be considerate when throwing energy into fixing a bug that 
has little chances of being accepted in the end.



On Fri 13 Jul 2012 03:28:47 PM CEST, Michel RENON wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all, I would like to say Thank you to all of you who are
> commited to Thunderbird.
> I use it daily and I would like to help you as much as possible.
> Le 12/07/12 23:22, Joshua Cranmer a écrit :
>> [...]
>> I've made <> to keep track
>> of this initiative. Please nominate and vote for your most annoying
>> papercuts! If you have any questions about the process, or you would
>> like to volunteer to commit to fixing papercuts as well, please email me
>> or ping me on IRC (:jcranmer).
> I started to enter some papercuts in the wiki ("nominated by michelr").
> And if you need other ideas, you can take a look at the exceptional
> message :
> It describes very clearly all most annoying problems in thunderbird !
> No whizzbang features, only bugs and problems waiting to be solved !
> Another point :
> It would be extremly usefull to continue the fabulous "Compose"
> extension [1], started by Jonathan Protzenko :
> - il provides a standard address view (3 standards fields "to", "Cc",
> "Bcc")
> - it provides a correct behaviour when you search an address (from one
> of the 3 fields) :
>     - first elements starts with the text
>     - others elements contains the text
>     - in each line, the text is bold
> - and as a bonus, the html editor is an uptodate one
> I didn't add this point in the papercuts because it's an enhancement,
> but it'd solve so many problems.
> I currently develop with python, and I start to learn javascript.
> So in the next months, i may be able to help debug thunderbird, but
> only in the javascript parts.
> Thanks,
> Michel
> [1]
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