A way for users to donate $ to support TB innovation

Paul Morris paul at paulwmorris.com
Fri Jul 13 14:17:57 UTC 2012

Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 12/07/12 19:23, Paul Morris wrote:
>> A number of the commenters on the "stability and community innovation"
>> blog post indicated a desire to donate $ to support continued innovation
>> in TB.  (I am one of them.)   But now that donating to Mozilla is no
>> longer a way to do that...
> Let's not assume that too quickly.
> In the past, Mozilla has held funds for its projects and made grants. If
> there is demand, it is quite possible that JB or others could make the
> necessary internal arrangements so this could happen again.
>> Maybe this is a role that Mozilla (or the Document Foundation? or
>> Ubuntu/Canonical? or...?) would be interested in playing -- setting up a
>> channel to accept donations for TB innovation, and then distributing
>> that to community dev-contributors in some kind of basically equitable
>> way based on their relative contributions, however that is determined
>> and carried out.
> I think targetted grants is probably a better way to go.
I could see maybe using grants as a means of distributing/allocating 
funds (I don't know much about how that would work), as long as those 
contributing knew that their contribution would be going towards 
community development of TB.

I think there are TB users who would like to show their support for 
continued TB development by the community, particularly in the wake of 
the recent news, but also as an ongoing thing.  So it would be good to 
provide them a way to do that, whethera dedicated "TB community 
development" fund or something else.

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