A way for users to donate $ to support TB innovation

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Fri Jul 13 11:14:55 UTC 2012

If it is problematic to send money to Mozilla and then to the individual community developers, maybe the community developers could set up their own paypal/bitcoin/libertyreserve/whatever accounts so that some trivial donations can be sent to them. After they commit (provide WIP patch) to fix a specific bug.

> Od: "Paul Morris" <paul at paulwmorris.com>
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> Dátum: 12.07.2012 22:53
> Predmet: A way for users to donate $ to support TB innovation
>A number of the commenters on the "stability and community innovation" 
>blog post indicated a desire to donate $ to support continued innovation 
>in TB.  (I am one of them.)   But now that donating to Mozilla is no 
>longer a way to do that... some other way to make this possible would be 
>a Good Thing.
>Given TB's large user base, even very modest donations from a small 
>percentage of users might add up. I know I would rather contribute to 
>open-source TB than pay for Outlook or some other proprietary app.  In 
>the wake of the bad press, this would be a way that users could express 
>their support for TB and counter the mistaken impressions of its demise.
>I don't think we need a kickstarter for "Save Thunderbird Innovation," 
>(do we?) but a way for users to contribute to TB development seems like 
>something to address in one way or another, sooner or later, if TB is to 
>become a thriving community-driven effort.
>Maybe this is a role that Mozilla (or the Document Foundation? or 
>Ubuntu/Canonical? or...?) would be interested in playing -- setting up a 
>channel to accept donations for TB innovation, and then distributing 
>that to community dev-contributors in some kind of basically equitable 
>way based on their relative contributions, however that is determined 
>and carried out.
>I'm sure there are all kinds of complications and tricky logistics to 
>this, as always, the devil is in the details, but I submit it for 
>My thanks to those who are stepping up to keep innovation in TB going!
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