Papercuts remixed - the bug list

Kent James kent at
Fri Jul 13 05:48:54 UTC 2012

On 7/12/2012 3:34 PM, Axel wrote:
> (I wasn't quite sure of what constitutes a papercut, but if it is 
> sharp enough to cut me then I would probably think my own bugs are 
> papercuts as well)
The definition of "papercut" is perfectly left vague, because part of 
the intent is to see what is bugging people that they think needs work. 
If we restrict the definition too much, then we put too much of our own 
bias in the process.

But with that caveat, what I think that we are looking for are flaws 
(not major enhancements) that have existed for more than a couple of 
release cycles, that you think should have some developer attention. 
Whether you use bugzilla searches or your own experience is up to you. 
What do you think needs work?

I will be writing a blog about this in the next day or so BTW.


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