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Humm FYI, vote-for-fix and pay-for-fix systems could be worked
essentially for individuals but certainly not for businesses and public
organizations which have a strict accounting process. Moreover these
systems tend to over represent individual needs because one professional
TB admin can represent hundreds and even sometimes dozens of thousands

AFAIK, in term of number of users, Thunderbird has about 20 million
users and some Mozilla sources say only 7 or 8 millions are individual
users. So I guess the 12 other millions represent the professional users.

Le 12/07/2012 11:48, Tanstaafl a écrit :
> On 2012-07-11 6:41 PM, Axel <axel.grude at> wrote:
>>> My term "vouching" was meant to represent the process of selecting
>>> which bugs you think need fixing, and adding your "voucher" to some
>>> number of those. I meant it as a plural term for the noun "vote".
>> exactly, shouldn't the bug votes somehow be accounted for when
>> prioritizing them? guess we will need some sort of committee to decide
>> which bugs are really important.
> If Thunderbird is going to become more community driven/oriented, then
> indeed votes should count more... they shouldn't be the only factor,
> but they should definitely matter. The problem is the flip side -
> since the development is community driven/volunteer, there is no way
> (nor should there be) to force any developer to work on any given bug...
> This is another reason why I am in favor of some kind of bounty
> system. It is a way for 'voters' to put their money where their mouth
> is - and, it is a simple and meaningful way for the devs/maintainers
> to deflect criticism of bugs not getting fixed - ie, "you want it
> fixed? put up or shut up! <link to bounty system>". Also, if such a
> system is put in place, there needs to be a way to identify pledgers,
> so if they don't follow through on their pledges, this fact should be
> publicized prominently (to hopefully shame them into making good on
> it), as well as to be able to show public appreciation once they do.


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