Papercuts remixed - the bug list

Kent James kent at
Thu Jul 12 15:17:46 UTC 2012

It's quite encouraging that in a little over one day, we've picked up 6 
developers who have been willing to commit to fixing at least 5 papercut 
bugs in the next year. So far I have:

Kent James
Mike Conley
Blake Winton
Magnus Melin

In addition we've had a number of additional offers of help. Thanks to 
all! I'd like to blog about this in the next few days, including 
mentioning the names, as I think it is important that the Thunderbird 
project demonstrate some viable community-led action soon to counter the 
"Thunderbird is dead" press of last weekend. I would also encourage 
anyone who is not on this list already to count themselves in so that we 
can have the strongest public presence possible.

So I think we can now agree that this is a serious effort, and it is 
time to start targeting bugs that we'd like to look at. The first step 
is just for people to use whatever method they want to nominate bugs for 
consideration. "Nominate" is just getting them on the table, you are not 
necessarily voting for a bug by nominating it.

Is a wiki page a good way to go about this?


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