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/Garrafrauns, the 12th of July 2012/ 08:55:27

Since I just received my invite for this years European MozCamp, and this coincides 
nicely with the change in Tb governance, I was wondering whether we should set up a 
workshop geared towards getting people involved in module work - maybe this would be a 
good place to discuss this, before putting up anything on the Wiki?

Is there anything in particular you guys and gals have planned?

Additionally, I was also thinking since the last one that I should maybe host a 
workshop for add-on authors with a focus on Thunderbird add-ons, either a "getting 
started with Tb addons" or a "exchanging experiences for authors of existing add-ons". 
Or maybe one about Monetization in Tb-Addons. Comments about what you think would be 
most desired by the community, or best help the (Thunderbird) cause?

One more thing that comes to mind (and I am sure it would be of interest to the 
corporate users of Thundebird) is the topic of outlook - thunderbird interoperability 
(although I don't know too much about this). Since Microsoft has decided to use their 
Word HTML rendering engine (outlook 2007), this is starting to have an effect on 
Thunderbird users (and those having to use both platforms) - just thought I throw that 
out there as well.


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