Papercuts remixed (was Re: What's the status of papercuts?)

Blake Winton bwinton at
Wed Jul 11 15:30:19 UTC 2012

(Although, having just said that, I wonder if it would be more useful to 
the project for me to spend my time mentoring 5 people who want to fix 
papercut bugs, instead… Thoughts?)


On 11-07-12 11:27 , Blake Winton wrote:
> I'm in, too, but I reserve the right to take the easy bugs. ;)
> Later,
> Blake.
> On 11-07-12 10:47 , Mike Conley wrote:
>>>> Who is willing to be counted? Mike, can you make this commitment?
>> Yes, count me in.
>> On 11/07/2012 10:45 AM, Kent James wrote:
>>> On 7/11/2012 6:52 AM, Mike Conley wrote:
>>>> I'm on board with this.
>>>> The UX-Prio stuff was what I started focusing on after Filelink and
>>>> Account Provisioner were released - however, hiccups and developments
>>>> in both of those features have continued to distract me from the list.
>>>> Anyhow, I agree with rkent - I think this could be an excellent way to
>>>> communicate that we're serious ...
>>> Then let's get serious. What I would like to see is a list of people 
>>> who
>>> have the technical capability to take on a few of these bugs, and are
>>> willing to commit to fixing at least 5 papercut bugs from the list in
>>> the next year. Both volunteers (like myself) and Mozilla Thunderbird
>>> team staff are welcome - but this is a personal commitment, that may or
>>> may not be part of your formal Mozilla assignments (that's for you and
>>> your boss to decide.)
>>> Who is willing to be counted? Mike, can you make this commitment?
>>> Count me in.
>>> rkent
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