Regarding your plans to reduce efforts for Thunderbird

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Wed Jul 11 09:57:58 UTC 2012

On 2012-07-10 8:40 PM, Axel <axel.grude at> wrote:
> I think in the long term we need some strong teams for consolidating
> add-ons and keep innovation in flow.

It's funny - one of Thunderbirds strengths - customizability via Addons 
- is also the source of a minor irritation for me, since I customize so 
heavily. I'd love to not have to install dozens of extensions just to 
get the feature set/UI customization I want/need, so the more extensions 
that are promoted to core code the better (and it seems like it would 
make managing the code easier, but since I'm not a dev, maybe I'm wrong)...

It also seems to me that an Addon developer would have more incentive to 
innovate if Addons were treated more like they were originally intended 
- as a testing ground for new features that would be included in the 
core code once they were fully baked and proven, so hopefully this would 
include an official path for an Add-On to take from an Add-On to being 
accepted into the core code...

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