Regarding your plans to reduce efforts for Thunderbird

Kent James kent at
Wed Jul 11 14:33:23 UTC 2012

On 7/11/2012 2:27 AM, Vincent wrote:
> This is an important point in my opinion: how do you avoid that 
> numerous add-on on AMO are not compatible with latest release of 
> Thunderbird and that you should use a link given in comment to find 
> someone you have release an updated version.
> Good example here: 
> This is totally unsecure as user can be pointed to any bad add-on!
> There should be some way to avoid this kind of situation.

There is, and it's called AMO. As an AMO editor, I can say that the bar 
is not very high for addons to get accepted on AMO, yet the review 
process provides critical confirmation that an addon is safe, does at 
least nominally what it is supposed to do, and tries to avoid conflicts 
with other addons. If an addon is not actively maintained on AMO, then I 
would be very cautious. We regularly  get addons submitted to AMO that 
are nominal clones of popular addons, but contain nothing but a js file 
called (really!) keylogger.js

That being said, there is a delay process in going through AMO, so I 
would have no hesitation about going to a respected author's site, and 
installing the latest version of their updates that are stuck in review 
queues. For my Exchange Server email addon ExQuilla, I even go a step 
further and maintain both an AMO reviewed/updated version, as well as a 
version on my own site that can be downloaded and updated from that site.


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