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This is an important point in my opinion: how do you avoid that numerous
add-on on AMO are not compatible with latest release of Thunderbird and
that you should use a link given in comment to find someone you have
release an updated version.
Good example here:
This is totally unsecure as user can be pointed to any bad add-on!

There should be some way to avoid this kind of situation.

2012/7/11 Ludovic Hirlimann <ludovic at>

> On 7/11/12 1:39 AM, Leni Mayo wrote:
>> Which leads me to a question that's been bouncing around in my head for a
>> while.  Just as mozilla has found a way to withdraw resources from
>> Thunderbird without totally abandoning the users, what options do addon
>> developers have if they'd like to go down a similar route?
> One thing you can do is publish the source code in the hopes someone will
> join forces and maintain the addon with you.
> It's been done in the past see**fabricedesre/bugmail<>
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