Papercuts remixed (was Re: What's the status of papercuts?)

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Wed Jul 11 09:09:38 UTC 2012

On 7/11/12 5:37 AM, Kent James wrote:
> On 6/8/2012 10:49 PM, Chris Ilias wrote:
>> In late March, Blake sent an email listing UX priorities, including 
>> papercuts. If I do a search for TB and mailnews core bugs with 
>> [UXprio] that are fixed since March 24, I only get one bug (508776). 
>> Has there been any priority given to those bugs?
> I've often been concerned about the lack of attention within 
> Thunderbird to long-standing bugs myself, and that also seems to be 
> the source of a lot of the negative energy that sometimes surrounds 
> the project. But honestly, I don't have a good feel for how important 
> that is. I do know that some individuals have a lot of passion and 
> frustration around certain unfixed bugs, and can generate a lot of 
> negative energy over that issue.
> But let me propose an idea. What if we were to make a list of 
> well-recognized bugs (not enhancements) in Thunderbird, and make that 
> the focus of an initial effort for the developer community that is 
> starting to gel around Thunderbird? That would go against the 
> conventional wisdom of course that developers are mostly interested in 
> jazzy new features, but perhaps being different could start to build 
> some positive energy. I could imagine trying to develop a list of a 
> certain number of bugs (not enhancements), and set the goal of fixing 
> them all in some period of time.
> So as an example, we could develop a list of 100 Thunderbird bugs that 
> at least 3 people are willing to vouch for (with a limited number of 
> vouchers per person, and perhaps some vetting by a benevolent 
> dictator), and recruit a group of community developers to tackle those 
> in a year.
> Count me in, if other people are also willing to be involved.
I' think we'd be able to get a lot of interest if we did that. Now let's 
be practical, how do we cherry pick these 100 bugs , based on age, votes 
, area of the code ?

count me in on that one

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