Change of release and governance model for Thunderbird

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I'm of the opion, that Thunderbird indeed needs to get new functions 
implemented. For example a comfortable Maildir-Support, and as mentioned 
by many others too, an update of the directory.

I did some brainstorming concerning issues, which could be improved in 
addition to Maildir and directory: for excample the support of a 
Metro-Version also for the future, writing messages should be possible 
in one tab, combining the two search-borders, implementing an 
attachement-browser, URL-preview, profil-recovery for damaged profiles, 
centralizing of all options and features including a search function for 
options, home tab.... these are all issues not only coming out of my own 
brain, but which could also be found on some pages in Mozilla Wiki for 
excample. If the developement of Thunderbird will be performed by 
external contributors, of course some of the improvals might be 
implemented by them in future, but regarding the Metro-developement, I 
want to point out, that in my opinion it's very important, that this 
development should remain in the hand of Mozilla itself.



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