Regarding your plans to reduce efforts for Thunderbird

Maurice maurice at
Tue Jul 10 17:38:28 UTC 2012

 On 2012-07-09 at 17:39 Daniel Christinat said:
 > I am managing all my mails since 1994 with Thunderbird - and I am
 > happy  with it. I am also happy tho run Thunderbird on my central
 > Desktop PC.
 My plan was to jump ship (from broken and over-innovated Kmail) to 
Thunderbird, but have had to postpone that until Thunderbird's  new 
'maildir' provision is  smoothed out.
 I was hoping Thunderbird would be aiming for better performance and
 behaviour for its present function, rather than jazzy frills and
 'improvements' that result in a retrograde state, as has happened
 with KMail.
 But if Thunderbird is going to be frozen, then I shall just have to
 stay put.

/\/\aurice Batey  (Retired in Surrey, UK)
   (Currently using Mandriva 2010.2)

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