Regarding your plans to reduce efforts for Thunderbird

Daniel Christinat daniel at
Mon Jul 9 16:39:29 UTC 2012

Dear Sirs

Sorry but you shocked me so much today with your announcement about 

Yes, there is indeed a large community using Thunderbird on a daily 
basis as THE PRIMARY e-mail-tool - I am one of those 20 million peoples 
that put their trust in you and your develpment team. I am using 
Thunderbird for more than 15 years and I got more and more happy with it 
as the features, stability and overall quality all got better.

I am managing all my mails since 1994 with Thunderbird - and I am happy 
with it. I am also happy tho run Thunderbird on my central Desktop PC.
I know there are fancy things like smartphones and so on. I also use the 
cloud in whatever form quite intensively.  But I wanna keep a central 
location where my mails are - and this location is backuped regularly.

But to be honest: Mozilla-OS and Thimble .... I just cannot imagine why 
those should be so more important than Thunderbird - a long time and 
well developped project that still has room for future improvements (eg. 
cloud integration).

Your decision as announced today seems to be just the beginning of a 
long and painfull dead for Thunderbird ....

No, you are not gone shut down the project immediately (you are also not 
gone move it to another company to let it die there as one of your 
predecessors tried) ...

But over the years Thunderbird will be slowly but shure neglected first 
and then suffocated.

And one of the most important Open Source Projects will be dead .... 
What a pity. And what are the alternatives?

I am sad and extremly dissapointed about your decision - I stuck with 
Thunderbird most of my professional IT-life. And you just decide to let 
this product go and let the 20 Mio users alone. What an awfull mistake - 
pls recosider!

Best regards,

Daniel Christinat
Birkenweg 36
CH-2543 Lengnau BE

E-Mail  daniel at
Mobile  +41 79 434 1212
Tel     +41 32 652 1777
Fax     +41 32 652 5407

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