Change of release and governance model for Thunderbird

Ludovic Hirlimann lhirlimann at
Tue Jul 10 07:33:19 UTC 2012

On 7/9/12 10:06 PM, Joshua Cranmer wrote:
> On 7/9/2012 1:27 PM, Jeff Grossman wrote:
>> I think the plan is to base the Gecko version on the ESR version of
>> Thunderbird.  That means they will not be changing the Gecko version
>> unless they release a new ESR, which if I am not mistaken only
>> happens about once a year.  While the Firefox developers might change
>> Gecko and harm Thunderbird, that should be caught in comm-central
>> which has roughly a year to fix until the next ESR release.  I am
>> sure that if comm-central breaks, somebody will probably fix it
>> rather quickly.
> We only have ~50-60% coverage of our own code by unit tests. Most
> problems won't be found except by people using the product (sadly).
Before 17 is relaesed I'd love for us to get to 70%. And yes in facts
most of the  bugs found since we have automation , have been by users.
But what the automation gave us and the enforcement of new tests is way
less regressions and a bit more coverage. I'm really happy about about
the regression rate we had since we've enforced tests to be added with


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