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On 09-07-12 11:32 , Alan Lord (Gmail) wrote:
> On 09/07/12 11:09, Tanstaafl wrote:
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>> As I said in my last email, if this means that the core devs will simply
>> be refocused on *stability* (I'm taking the announcement on its face),
>> this could be a very good thing for Thunderbird. I'm hopeful, but I'm
>> also very freaked - because if I'm wrong, then this probably is the end
>> of Thunderbird, unless some other large Corporate benefactor comes along
>> and forks it.
>> Makes me really wish I was independently wealthy, because that is
>> exactly what I would do.
> Mr. Shuttleworth (Canonical)???
My guess is that Mr. Shuttleworth doesn't want to spend a whole lot of 
money on a cross-platform email client. ;)

Also, I suspect his attention is taken up with bigger things these days, 
like the new SecureBoot stuff, and what their Mobile strategy should be…


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