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On 08-07-12 16:22 , Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I can't understand this decision.
> 1. Mail/news has always been part of Mozilla, since Netscape 2
So, following that logic, you think Mozilla should put all the Firefox 
resources behind SeaMonkey?  ;)
> 2. Email is the most important internet usage and protocol, after the 
> web. More importantly, Email is a standard while Facebook and G+ are a 
> proprietary silos.
> 3. A desktop email client is completely fitting the Mozilla manifesto.
Possibly, but it's not a good fit for the mission 
<>. (" ... to promote openness, 
innovation and opportunity on the web.")
> 4. 20 million people (more than Sweden and Finland combined) are 
> depending on Thunderbird for their email. Many of them spend many 
> hours every day with it, it's the second most important application 
> after the browser. These people are critically depending on 
> Thunderbird for their work.
And Mozilla isn't going to stop supporting it.  I'ld bet that none of 
those people are depending on any unimplemented innovations (almost by 
definition ;).
> 5. We need a desktop client to innovate in email. We (e.g. me, by 
> posting patches) cannot innovate on webmail, because we don't run the 
> servers -  even if we would make webmail software, still the operator 
> would have the last word. It's a clear step back.
Sure, but why does Mozilla need to be the ones to innovate in email?
> If we didn't have Thunderbird, we'd need to invent it, or something 
> like it. It makes no sense to axe it, without direct replacement.
> We *need* a competitive desktop email client.
I agree, but I don't think that means that Mozilla needs to be the one 
who provides it.

(Also, Mozilla isn't axing it, they're not just pushing innovations down 
the community's throat.  If people want to innovate, I'll be more than 
happy to help them get their ideas in, as will the rest of the 
Thunderbird team!)


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