Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Sun Jul 8 20:41:41 UTC 2012

On 08.07.2012 22:22, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I can't understand this decision.
> 1. Mail/news has always been part of Mozilla, since Netscape 2
> 2. Email is the most important internet usage and protocol, after the 
> web....
> 3. A desktop email client is completely fitting the Mozilla manifesto.
> 4. 20 million [users]
> 5. We need a desktop client to innovate in email.

Given how minimal the cost is for Mozilla compared to the income, and 
the importance of email...

There's only one way how this decision makes sense to me. It's a 
conspiracy theory, so I intentionally post it in a separate email.

Google provides Mozilla 90%+ of the income. Mozilla plays copycat of 
Google, imitating Google strategy 1:1: Google Chrome has minimal UI, so 
we do that. Google makes Gears, so standardize it and put it in Firefox. 
Google makes Android and Chrome OS, we make "Firefox OS". This is not 
just a little coincidental.
Google has GMail, and quickly eats up the market. By now, some 15-18% of 
all email users are on GMail, currently raising almost 1% per month. It 
doesn't take highschool math to see where this is leading.... And the 
power that means.

Thunderbird doesn't fit in there. Google wants their users to use 
webmail, not IMAP.

We heard that this Thunderbird organizational change which is published 
now already started in January 2012 (in secret). Mozilla and Google made 
a new contract in November 2011, terms are secret, but the negotiations 
were definitely hard. And the result definitely very good for Mozilla.

It is too far fetched to make a wild guess that Google wanted 
Thunderbird to be stopped, and Mozilla gave in as part of the 
negotiations? Given that Thunderbird always was the step-child at 
Mozilla, that decision probably was painful, but eventually "necessary 
for survival" etc.pp. blabla.

Again, just a theory, I have no material basis, but it seems logical, 
and it's the only logical reason I can find.


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