Build Config rework - up for grabs

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Jul 6 09:17:40 UTC 2012

I've just put together some notes on the plans for improving the build 
and packaging systems for comm-central.

The main aim with this is to reduce the need for porting the changes 
from mozilla-central's build system, and reduce the scope for bustage.

I've done this as a feature page, although it isn't really a feature, 
but I wanted to get the info together, and doing it under the up for 
grabs banner seemed like a good idea. The wiki page is here:

Bugs are also linked to on the page for picking up the work.

It is pretty much all makefile and configure type work. If anyone wants 
to pick up one please do, I'll be happy to provide pointers where I can 
and reviews.


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