Proposal: Close down Mozilla Messaging product in bugzilla

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Jul 4 10:31:34 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I'm proposing that we close down the Mozilla Messaging product in bugzilla.

Since we re-integrated Mozilla Messaging into Mozilla Corporation, we 
have moved all the hardware, server administration, release work to be 
under IT, Release Engineering or Labs and so those bugs now belong in 
different products and components.

As of today, there are no open bugs in the Mozilla Messaging product 
apart from in the ispdb component.

Having looked around a bit I'd like to propose that we move ispdb to the 
Webtools product as it would seem to fit well there.

We can then close Mozilla Messaging to new bugs, and keep what's there 
as an archive.

I'm planning on filing a bug to make this happen next week, so please 
let me know if there's any concerns or issues.


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