Modifying the contents of a message

Kent James kent at
Sat Jan 28 22:34:45 UTC 2012

On 1/28/2012 10:23 AM, Axel wrote:
>> When reviewing addons that modify messages, I have not known what to 
>> require with respect to original message integrity. I would welcome 
>> suggestions along this line. 
> +1
>> But I am not the only reviewer of Thunderbird addons, and it is not 
>> easy to communicate reliably requirements such as maintaining message 
>> integrity to all editors.
>> rkent
> I would be of the same opinion. I think certain meta fields should be 
> modifiable, such as keywords (tags). I think there is a requirement 
> for extension editors to be able to manipulate things like subject and 
> thread-id.
> While I do not currently know too much about the technical ins and 
> outs, maybe this could be done by backing up original fields in an 
> appended header area; original-subject, original-threadId etc.
> Axel Grude
That is basically what I suggested (but did not require) of the addons. 
IIRC one implemented the suggestion, and one did not.


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