JS raw MIME parser prototype

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Sat Jan 28 13:27:00 UTC 2012

Joshua Cranmer schrieb:
> 1. This parser is fully synchronous and blocking; the intent is to spin
> the event loop using the callback in getNextBuffer.

Hmm, is it designed in a way that could be run on a (Chrome)Worker thread?

If so, that would spare us any headaches when it comes to snappiness of 
the UI.

> * I haven't decided on a license for the parser yet. I tend to prefer
> BSD-licensing everything I do, and this is certainly more widely
> applicable than just mailnews code. On the other hand, this I intend to
> get checked into comm-central, so maybe it might be a better idea to
> stick to a tri-license.

No need for a tri-license at least, MPL 2 would be fine, we'll switch to 
it soon enough anyhow. :)
That said, BSD should be able to be incorporated under MPL (tri-license 
1.x or simple 2) as well, so that would be just as good, I guess.

I think this should be available in some form of repo, be it a personal 
hg one or a (sigh for proprietary tools) GitHub one, and then you should 
link that instead of attaching the file. :)

With all this, YAY for this work!



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