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On 27/01/12 16:10, Kent James wrote:
> On 1/26/2012 4:55 PM, Unicorn.Consulting wrote:
>>> <snips>
>> When I send my signed message to someone, or SMIME message, I would like to think 
>> that I don't have to produce my copy to prove what I sent to the recipient as a 
>> matter of course.  If your going to use this type thing, and I can understand where 
>> editing the subject may be valid, I would like to see the digital signature removed 
>> by Thunderbird if the content is changed.
>> Microsoft Outlook, which is the application sited most when people are asking for 
>> this, will not save an existing signed mail without you also having a digital 
>> signature,  I assume it replaces the signature as a part of the edit.
>> Certainly there is always the opportunity for a message to be modified in a text 
>> editor, but please lets try and make fraudulent modifications as hard as possible. 
>> As I understand it a digitally signed message is a legal document in the EU.  
>> Should we be making the modification (without obvious forensic fingerprinting of 
>> the process) a simple process for add-on authors to execute.
> When reviewing addons that modify messages, I have not known what to require with 
> respect to original message integrity. I would welcome suggestions along this line. 
> But I am not the only reviewer of Thunderbird addons, and it is not easy to 
> communicate reliably requirements such as maintaining message integrity to all editors.
> rkent

I would be of the same opinion. I think certain meta fields should be modifiable, such 
as keywords (tags). I think there is a requirement for extension editors to be able to 
manipulate things like subject and thread-id.

While I do not currently know too much about the technical ins and outs, maybe this 
could be done by backing up original fields in an appended header area; 
original-subject, original-threadId etc.

Axel Grude
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