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Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at
Thu Jan 26 16:12:58 UTC 2012

> Also, is there any way to go through gloda and flow back changes from 
> there into the messages? ( I don't know if this is practical from the 
> implementation POV, I just thought I throw the idea out there)
No, the way detaching attachments works is we're deleting the old 
message, and injecting a new one into the folder. Gloda is notified 
about both events, and acts accordingly (deletes its entry for the old 
message, indexes the new one).

But that's a good point, I'm hoping maybe we could reuse that 
mechanism, and write a JS layer that would take care of modifying a 
specific header, for instance, before re-injecting the message... (and 
we would provide that function to extension authors, and document it on 
MDN, of course).

jonathan (only one h :))
> thanks,
> Axel
> On 26/01/12 15:19, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Ever since I started reading the and 
>> newsgroups, a recurring question about 
>> Thunderbird has been "how can I modify the contents of a message" 
>> from an addon? I recently (less than 7 days ago) replied to this 
>> question twice, and my answer was basically:
>> - inject a message in a local folder,
>> - copy it to the destination folder,
>> - remove the old message.
>> I'm not sure there's a better way, but I guess not. My question is: 
>> could we make that easier by implementing, say, in C++, 
>> nsIMsgFolder::InjectMessageFromStream, making it of course 
>> scriptable? The arguments are:
>> - this is something an addon will want to do, and it seems legitimate 
>> that they should want to do so,
>> - it's better to provide a function for that than to have someone do 
>> it real, real wrong.
>> I'm not very familiar with that area, so I'd be interested in hearing 
>> what others have to say on the matter :).
>> Cheers,
>> jonathan
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