Modern Address Book proposal update

Mike Conley mconley at
Wed Jan 4 15:36:02 UTC 2012

Hey Advrk,

During the last cycle, I was temporarily taken off of Address Book, and 
placed instead on a few other bugs / features that had higher priority.

Once my work in those areas is done, I plan to return to the work on the 
Address Book.

All the best,


On 03/01/2012 10:12 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 03/01/2012 02:43, Advrk Aplmrkt wrote:
>> Happy New Year,
>> I was just on the Modern Address Book proposal page and noticed that
>> its health is At Risk. Is development of an improved Thunderbird
>> Address Book still happening?
> We've been loosely using the health field to refer to the status for
> landing current Milestone that the feature is targeted at. It could also
> be used for things like if a feature is blocked by something. However, I
> think that if we were going to stop a feature for some reason we'd be
> changing the stage it is at, with a comment in the status field.
> Mark.
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