Student project: Thunderbird Addon Development

gWahl at
Mon Jan 2 08:43:08 UTC 2012

How about an extension working in message compose for adding links to 
cloud file locations instead of adding/d&d the whole file to the message.

The idea behind this is not to use the link already existing (eg. the 
public link of Dropbox) but with a "Add File Cloud Link" to move that 
file to the cloud and get the link from it, all transparent to the user.

Moreover I can imagine about some additional options for the sender like:
- a send copy of the message should be copied to the send folder
- send of a "link expire date" with the message
- have deleted the cloud file with deleting the message
- more .. ?

It would be great if such a feature could work with different services, 
like Dropbox or others.


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