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Sean White runicpaladin at
Fri Feb 24 11:09:19 UTC 2012

Now I know that this idea has been discussed to death but I think now is a
prudent time to bring it up again.  Now that TB11+ are moving to a
tabs-on-top display where each tab is more contextualised it brings up the
slightly ambiguous reasons for still having it in a free floating window
when the rest of the program is following the contextual tabs paradigm.  I
know that it has a lot to do with how the dialogue was written and i also
acknowledge that it may be a difficult thing to rewrite but surely it is
time something was done to move this core and crucial part of the program
into the paradigm set by the rest of TB.  And this is not said from an
entirely aesthetic point of view.  Though it does look better this is a
side affect of the functionality being in the place you expect it to be in.
 As of TB 11 it'll make even less sense that you can open your emails in a
new tab, manage your calendar from a new tab and even install addons from a
new tab but you CAN'T write you emails from a new tab as this can only be
achieved through a separate window.  Thus can we have some proper
discussion on this topic/idea and possibly some action as well.

Sean White,
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