Weekly status meetings - change of venue to vidyo

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Mon Feb 20 15:23:09 UTC 2012

Following a discussion a few weeks ago, we've decided to trial using 
Vidyo <http://www.vidyo.com/> for our status meetings.

We've already starting to use this for other meetings, and it has given 
us good results.

As from tomorrow, we're changing the venue. We'll give it a go for a few 
weeks and if it goes fine, then we'll keep it or tweak proceedings as 

Voice-only is still available, but on a different room number to before.

Additionally, *please* use headsets and not open speakers. We've found 
that having multiple open speakers & mics can defeat the echo correction 
in Vidyo.

Also note that calls will be unmuted by default, so please be prepared 
to mute yourself when you join - microphones can be very sensitive to 
background noises.

I have updated the Status Meeting index page with the new dial-in 


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