Modern Address Book proposal update

Bron Gondwana brong at
Fri Feb 17 19:33:15 UTC 2012

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 04:44:50PM +0000, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 17/02/12 16:41, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> >FYI - there's talk going on over at the imap5 mailing list about
> >replacing IMAP, and there's been discussion of including address
> >book, calendaring and submission in the protocol as well, on the
> >grounds that the only reasonable way to get interest in a new
> >protocol is providing a much better integrated experience.
> Providing a decent delete model would lead to great interest in a
> new protocol! :-)

Definitely!  At least the MOVE command is in draft stage, which helps.
I have already implemented it at FastMail (and in upstream Cyrus master)

> Seriously, if you are thinking of replacing IMAP, I'm sure people
> like bienvenu who have had decades of experience implementing it can
> tell you all the things they'd like fixed :-)

Definitely.  There are plenty of people on the imap5 mailing list
(imap5 at who have big lists of things they want fixed.

My first port of call is the RFCs which already exist for handling
mail client/server links.  I.e. everything IMAP, SIEVE and similar.
I'm collecting my work here:

> Remote address book might have value, but there are already remote
> calendaring protocols, aren't there?

Yes, there are.  The only real questions here are:

* Authentication issues
* Firewall issues on different ports
* Offline synchronisation

The Kolab and Kontact people are doing interesting things here.  I'm
mostly deferring to them for experience in calendaring - though I'm
sure the Sunbird crew know a lot as well!



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