ArbPL fancy logs are back and standalone. no server.

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Wed Feb 8 00:54:17 UTC 2012

Back in March of 2011 Thunderbird's mozmill tests gained exciting JSON 
log output formats.  The announcement on tb-planning was here:

The viewing mechanism for these was hosted on  
ArbPL provided two things:
1) A TBPL-ish server that scraped tinderbox results in order to provide 
build result summaries.  You can see what it looked like on these blog 
2) The ability to view the logs it scraped out of the tinderbox logs.  
The logs look like you can see on this blog post:

The server went away because no one seemed to be using it and there were 
some upkeep hassles.  Earlier this afternoon mconley asked about whether 
there is a way to view those logs, and so #2 is now back.  If people 
actually care about #1, we can probably bring that back too.

If you want to see the logs for a tinderbox run, what you want to do is 
browse to:

But instead of TINDERBOXLOG, you would include a URL to an actual 
tinderbox log.  The easiest way is simply to:
1) open a new tab
2) paste the following URL into that address bar:
3) click on a "U" build in Thunderbird's TBPL instance at
4) Right click on the "view full log" or "view brief log" links that 
appear in the lower left hand corner of your browser.
5) Paste that URL onto the end of that URL from step #2.  You do not 
need to perform any escaping of the question mark or anything; I made 
the code assume you just pasted it like a lazy person.  If you do it the 
right way, it will probably work, I haven't tested that.

We can probably modify Thunderbird's TBPL fork to provide such a link 
directly.  I am unclear on the status of the fork.

Here is an example of one of our current failures with a pre-made URL 
for the curious but who don't want to spend a lot of time making a URL:


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