Thunderbird metrics

Irving Reid irving at
Thu Dec 13 17:14:42 UTC 2012

I think adding some startup and memory use telemetry probes is a great 
idea (along with adding more memory uses to the about:memory counters). 
Vladan Djeric recently wrote up some notes on adding probes, see

Crash stats are in a completely different place,

  - irving -

On 12-12-13 11:12 AM, Vincent wrote:
> Then would it be possible to monitor startup time too, because it seems
> quite critical (I would say 2 or 3 time slower than Firefox) and it
> would be great to have a tools that show us if we don't deteriorate it
> in the future (assuming we cannot have data for the past Thunderbird
> releases).
> 2012/12/13 Ludovic Hirlimann <ludovic at
> <mailto:ludovic at>>
>     On 12/13/12 9:15 AM, Vincent wrote:
>         Hi gents,
>         I just discover that Firefox got very nice public metrics
>         available at
>         <>
>         I wonder if it would be possible to have such metrics for
>         Thunderbird, in particular:
>         - crashes
>         - startup time
>         - resident memory usage
>         and maybe more...

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