Thunderbird Marketplace?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Thu Aug 30 12:32:33 UTC 2012

Axel schrieb:
> Do you think this is something we could / should discuss on the Tb
> summit? Or should this involve all of Mozilla, rather than starting from
> the Email world?

This is something that should be discussed with the AMO team primarily. 
I think they'd probably like the idea, but as it's the same team that is 
working on the (web app) Marketplace, which is pretty high priority as a 
part of the Firefox OS ecosystem, I guess they don't have a lot of 
manpower for this right now.

That said, as the Marketplace builds on the same website base as AMO, I 
think they'll not have an extremely hard time to port that payment 
infrastructure over to AMO. Also, I think that there are plans for 
enabling the possibility for the premium feature stuff  (or e.g. in-game 
purchases) into web apps via the API, so I'm pretty sure 
it can be made usable for add-ons as well.

The Mozilla and AMO platforms might need some contributor help to bridge 
the gaps there, though - and I'm sure they'd welcome your patches, esp. 
when it's making web features more easily usable for add-on devs. ;-)

Robert Kaiser

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