Thunderbird Marketplace?

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Aug 30 11:43:03 UTC 2012

On 30.08.2012 12:51, Axel wrote:
> private users are in my experience much more open to pay small sums 
> (micropayments) when it is easy and unified to do so (marketplace 
> portal). The only thing currently holding me back paying my android 
> marketplace apps (such as WinAmp) that they _dont_ (yet) support paypal.

Yes, the hurdle there is the registration and treatment of private data. 
If you're already registered and don't have to enter 10 fields with your 
bank account data, but only make 2 clicks (Donate and Confirm), the 
willingness increases a lot.

But even then, the vast majority of people (not all) are cheap. Very few 
donate just like that.

What *might* work is a model where the app is open-source, but to get it 
via the official AMO/marketplace, you have to pay, there is no official 
free option, and it's clear to users that payment not technically 
required, but needed to keep the app running. Then, I think the majority 
will pay. They can technically get around payment, because it's 
open-source, but most people will then feel like freeloaders with a bad 
conscience, and rather pay $1 or $2 to have a good conscience. If it 
goes above $5, you lose that effect.

At least that's my conclusions based on my own behavior and reports from 
people who have tried various methods.


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