Thunderbird Marketplace?

Leni Mayo at
Thu Aug 30 10:06:48 UTC 2012

I'm skeptical that mozilla has what it takes to make marketplaces work.

marketplaces involve a delicate balancing act between three actors - the 
platform, the demand side and the supply side.

Mozilla's mission and culture skews it heavily to prioritizing the needs 
of end users.  The self-interest incentives around the platform are 
pretty strong.  In this context, the tradeoffs necessary to grow and 
sustain the supply side seem like a big ask.

I don't mean to downplay AMO here, it is an enormous success.  I'm just 
thinking of marketplaces involving money.  I hope history proves me wrong.

For Thunderbird, a subscription model that was integrated with AMO feels 
like the way to go.  It all feels pretty hard though when the main game 
is playing out elsewhere.


On 29/08/12 2:58 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
> /Garrafrauns, 28 August 2012 17:52:27, week 35 /
> Like already mentioned early on today's meeting I would be really
> interested in using Mozilla Marketplace for my Thunderbird extensions.
> to be honest when I heard of Marketplace first I thought this would be a
> monetization (and promoting) platform for _all_ Mozilla extensions, and
> maybe a good opportunity to break into new markets. When I looked at
> Marketplace first it felt much more like something that is specialized
> in mobile apps only, so I am not too sure whether it is relevant.
> One of the major deterrents for commercializing extensions is the high
> maintenance of user registration processes, so I was hoping that
> Marketplace might offer a solution for this in the future. Do create
> something like this "from scratch" is out of scope for most Tb extension
> developers (as the market is much smaller than that of browser users)
> Also is there a minimum number of users which is necessary for being
> hosted on the Marketplace?
> It would be great if we could discuss this on the Thunderbird Summit!
> regards
>    Axel
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