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> On 28.08.2012 21:57, Mihovil Stanić wrote:
>> It would be great if Thunderbird would offer marketplace in which you can monetize
>> add-ons.
> Agreed.
> But OTOH, I wouldn't want to use anything that isn't open-source. How can we solve
> that clash? How can we make people pay for open-source stuff, organization and
> incentive-wise? Ideas?
> (I don't think the "donation" model works.)

Same here. I have tried it for 3 years, but the problem is that there are a few 
regular users who donate, even large amounts, but the majority of users is just not 
interested, if they don't see any advantage, or even aware.

One thing to bear in mind is that people will pay if you give them extra value in form 
of special features or support, independently of whether this is open source or closed 
source software. And Users will be probably more interested it you can guarantee 
certain things like advertisement free, well supported software.

Another thing about the open source aspect is that if it is hosted on AMO its complete 
code base is being reviewed by Mozilla staff for security - this is something most of 
our users are not aware of, and we should think of ways to communicate this better as 
one of Mozilla's big advantages over the competing Marketplaces.

One thing I would like to offer is something like premium support for corporate users 
with a certain support turnaround time (say 24 hours); also I make a point of adding 
[Donate] buttons to my interfaces, so if we had a central registration database at 
(and supported by) Mozilla, we could remove these for registered users. A 
"registration" badge (and register button for extensions that want to support this) on 
the Addons Manager would be a nice addition as well.

It is important that we do not force every extension into this model, there should 
always be free (as in beer) extensions for everybody available. But an extension that 
takes major work to maintain (such as QuickFolders) and / or adds important 
functionality should have the option of remunerating the developers. I am looking 
forward to a discussion on this topic, which we hopefully can deepen during the Summit 
next week.

PS: I have finally gotten around to updating the Sessions EtherPad:


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