Proposal for Thunderbird crowdfunding

Gernot Bäurle gbaeurle at
Wed Aug 29 21:19:19 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Ludo advised me to send this proposal to the list.
I am a long-time Thunderbird user from Warsaw, unfortunately not a coder.

With the change to community development I was thinking that the 
following idea could perhaps speed up some development:

Mozilla could post possible projects for Thunderbird on a crowdfunding 
platform (e.g. Kickstarter) or set-up a Mozilla website where donations 
could be given to each of these proposed projects individually (with an 
indicator how much donations were already received for each project). As 
soon as the requested sum is reached, Mozilla could pay a programmer 
from the community to work on the project.

One could take this also a step further by offering a website where TB 
users could propose improvements and could vote on them. After some time 
the top 10 could be chosen for a crowdfunding campaign.

I imagine that for certain projects quite a number of people and 
companies would be willing to donate (including me). Take for example 
the address book. A proper address book with good search functionality 
and some other features would be a big asset for individuals and 
companies alike. Other projects could be to improve Thunderbird 
conversations, Lightning, ...

I would appreciate if you could discuss this idea at MozCamp in Warsaw.


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