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On 8/28/2012 9:58 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
> /Garrafrauns, 28 August 2012 17:52:27, week 35 /
> Like already mentioned early on today's meeting I would be really 
> interested in using Mozilla Marketplace for my Thunderbird extensions. 
> to be honest when I heard of Marketplace first I thought this would be 
> a monetization (and promoting) platform for _all_ Mozilla extensions, 
> and maybe a good opportunity to break into new markets. When I looked 
> at Marketplace first it felt much more like something that is 
> specialized in mobile apps only, so I am not too sure whether it is 
> relevant.
I went through the identical process - at first I was hoping that it 
would offer a path to commercialization of addons, but what I see now 
does not seem to offer that.
> One of the major deterrents for commercializing extensions is the high 
> maintenance of user registration processes, so I was hoping that 
> Marketplace might offer a solution for this in the future. Do create 
> something like this "from scratch" is out of scope for most Tb 
> extension developers (as the market is much smaller than that of 
> browser users)
I haven't implemented something like this yet, but I googled the issue a 
year or so ago and I found lots of people who have services available 
for managing the online software sales process, so I don't think that 
the issue is as large as you think it is. Note there is at least one 
paid app already on AMO for Thunderbird (the SugarCRM integration pro 

The advantage of a "Marketplace" goes beyond registration management and 
includes integral management of the addon promotion, as well as a "tax" 
that is fed back to the parent company for support of the core product. 
Since promotion is basically done now "for free" in AMO, and issues of 
the Thunderbird business model appear to be a private, internal Mozilla 
issue, I don't really see what the point would be of discussing a 
Thunderbird-only Marketplace.

(Note that the Mozilla Marketplace applies a tax of 30%, a policy which 
I am completely in agreement with for support of the Apps infrastructure 
- but I would not want to pay the same tax if if does not more directly 
help Thunderbird.).


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