"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" (from Mel Brooks' 1974 Western Blazing Saddles)

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Tue Aug 28 18:10:30 UTC 2012

+1 on Eric's great Western Blazing Saddles reference! One of my 
favourite movies!
and I agree with what Kent wrote!

I asked Mozilla Foundation Badge Expert Peter Rawsthorne for his 
feedback and here's what he wrote:


Subject: 	Re: could you please chime in on this TB badges thread on 
Date: 	Mon, 20 Aug 2012 07:10:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: 	Peter Rawsthorne <peter at mozillafoundation.org>
To: 	Roland MoCoWin7 Tanglao <rtanglao at mozilla.com>

Roland, I just wanted to chime in on this google group thread. First 
off, I get (and, in some ways, agree with) what Eric and Kent are 
saying. Badges mean

different things to different people, and people have different motivations. What I think
is most important is that we don't know what may motivate another, but recognition is one
of those things that is pretty universal (to different degrees) as motivation for
people. Particularly, the open source / open contribution communities.

The other thing that I find interesting about open badges is how both the criteria and
evidence are baked into the badge. So when somebody has a badge others can really take a
look at what the badge is about and what it took to earn the badge. As Kent said, people
later in their career may not be so interested in a badge, but those starting out wanting
to get some "swagger" and have verifiable public recognition, the badge is a great thing...

Thanks for forwarding this thread along...

Be Well...


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let me know your reaction and I'll reply :-)

I prefer the former because I am lazy!

have a great weekend, Peter!


On 10/08/2012 8:44 AM, Kent James wrote:
> On 8/9/2012 5:24 PM, Eric Moore wrote:
>> My impression is that the only people who want badges for Thunderbird 
>> are Mozilla employees. I don't see the point.
> Anne presented some of these ideas at the weekly Thunderbird video 
> conference a few weeks ago, and my initial comments were much like 
> yours. My impressions were that this is something akin to t-shirts 
> that we give people to persuade them to work a little harder for free 
> on Mozilla projects.
> But as I thought about it some more, my attitude has changed. As I 
> understand it, open badges are attacking a very different problem.
> As people develop in their professional careers, they collect a series 
> of verifiable achievements that can be used to introduce themselves to 
> potential employers or clients - or simply to their colleagues. When I 
> read resumes (and I have probably read tens of thousands over my 
> career), I am always looking for little signs of excellence that show 
> ability and motivation outside of the norm. Certain activities fit 
> well here: colleges issue degrees, technical organizations like Cisco 
> and Microsoft have certification programs, some groups have 
> achievement awards. Regular jobs also provide a verifiable record of 
> experience. But "volunteered for Mozilla" is not really in the same 
> class currently. Open badges, done well and with integrity, could 
> provide an alternate form of credentials that would recognize 
> achievement and ability in activities performed at Mozilla.
> So the ideal of open badges is to provide defined, verifiable 
> credentials that would be added to other credential programs. 
> Personally I think this is a worthy goal in general (particularly 
> since the costs of college education have gotten out of control, and 
> technical innovation in education and recognition is sorely needed). I 
> am at a point in my career where I don't think that I would be 
> motivated by badges, but I suspect that there are others would be.
> rkent
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