Thunderbird new government model: we're gonna help !

Janek Schwarz janek at
Mon Aug 27 14:27:38 UTC 2012

Hi Mike,

> For the folks at Linagora (and in tb-planning) that are interested in
> tracking the work, I've started by building an add-on prototype. It's
> still very much in the early stages, but I've started posting the code
> for it here:
> The add-on currently consists of a couple of small components and some
> tests - it's not currently usable as an address book in any way.
> I'd be happy to chat about the architecture for the new address book, my
> development trajectory, and ways for more people to contribute to it!

I'm happy to hear that work on the address book is going to continue.
As the developer of Contact Tabs 
( I'm very 
much interested in your plans for the rewrite. I may find the time 
contribute. In fact, I'd be happy if the rewrite would make my addon 
obsolete in the long term.

> Again, it's great to hear about this. You just made my day. :D
> -Mike
> On 27/08/2012 8:42 AM, Michael BAILLY wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> as this is my first post on this list I will briefly describe myself :
>> I'm a strong opensource advocate and the lead developer of
>> Mozilla
>> Thunderbird connector, an extension allowing, with the help of the
>> lightning
>> extension, to synchronize contacts & calendars between OBM (an opensource
>> groupware suite) and Thunderbird.
>> The Mozilla Foundation made this announcement regarding Thunderbird,
>> and it
>> asked for a stronger community involvement in this product.
>> Linagora, my employer, would like to contribute to this new plan, by
>> giving out
>> developement resources, on three areas.
>> First of all, and the most important for us, is the Thunderbird's
>> Lightning
>> extension. Linagora already hired Philipp Kewisch, the lead-developper of
>> Lightning.
>> Plus we got some developers with a strong knowledge of Lightning, who are
>> going to be more active in Bugzilla, for example, to help with code
>> reviews and debugging. We also try to bring upstream any code change
>> we make in lightning to enhance our own product OBM. Philipp helps us
>> a lot in this respect.
>> The second module that is important for us is the Address Book. A
>> taskforce
>> already exists to rewrite the addressbook module. We will begin to follow
>> more closely this group activity, and contribute if necessary to the
>> brain-storming and the development of the new AB.
>> At last, some engineers in our house have good software security
>> skills, so
>> we may be able to occasionally patch security flaws. will be depending of
>> the availability of our security guys so we won't be really active
>> here, but perhaps we can submit patches from time to time.
>> This is just for you to know what are our main concerns in the
>> Thunderbird
>> software.
>> If others have same interests and want to get in touch, don't hesitate to
>> email me and/or reply to this thread.
>> Regards,
>> Michael
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